thanks for being my world, honey

the reasons why i love you so much..

1>The way U look at me

2>How U make me feel when I think I'm nothing

3>When I'm sad, U take the pain away with a smile

4>How U always look deep into my eyes

5>How U can make my heart melt

6>The way U hold my hand so tight

7>The way U never let my hands go

8>How we talk on the phone all night

9>How U always know what to say when I get mad at U

10>How U say the cutest things over and over and never gets old

11>How U forgive me when I do wrong

12>The smile U give after U'r done blushing me

13>The way U hug me tight

14>The way U make me jealous

15>When I'm feeling the worst, U make me feel happiest

16>The way U touch me as if I might break

17>How U listen to me talk for hours

18> and for love you give for me..